Tips on Coping with Stress at College

We have all had to deal with stress at some point in our life and being a college student is no different. In fact, many teenagers often feel the pressure being applied upon their shoulders to do well. We all have days that we would rather spend cuddled up in the comfort of our own home rather than making the trek to college or university. 

Some of the following tips can help bring you out of your shell and make you more comfortable dealing with college life.

Get Enough Sleep

I know, easier said than done but it definitely is an important part of staying healthy. It helps your body get ready for the next day ahead. If you don’t sleep well, there is a greater chance that you can fall ill easier and that again puts even more stress on your mental as well as physical health.

Eat Well

We all know that eating fruit and vegetable are important in keeping our body functioning and it definitely is true. It can be hard for some college students to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients when pizza, burgers, chips and fizzy energy drinks are beckoning us with their cheap prices and many deals that promise a ‘buy one get one free’ on the sugary, fatty and down right unhealthy options. But it is very important to eat the right food items in order to look and feel good.

Drink Less Alcohol

What would college life be without a bottle of the good ol’ stuff? Well, a better one for sure. It is alright to have a drink once in a while with friends on a night out but having too much alcohol on a regular basis has proven to be not too good for one’s health suggests many studies. The NHS has some really good information on their sites like this one here. We all know the obvious side effects of drinking too much like nausea, sore heads and just general sickness in the form of the infamous hangovers. This can result in you needing to take the day off college to recover which in return may result in work piling up and causing you to get stressed all over again. This brings me to my next point…

Don’t Let the Work Pile Up

Let’s be honest, we have all done something at the last minute, whether through choice or just a last minute jog of memory. The sudden dash to the laptop, hands shaking and reading things too quickly to understand at first read is something we can all raise our hands up in shame about. Keep a diary, as old fashioned as that may sound, and keep things in check. It doesn’t need to be in a book format as your phone can be rather useful too. Mark those that have been completed and use highlighters to mark anything that you may need to speak to your lecturer about later on. There are also some really good apps in order to keep up with the work like OneDrive and Evernote can help keep work organised and easy to access via phone or on a computer or a laptop.

Have Some Time to Relax

Relaxing and treating yourself is something that some of us are prone to forgetting. Relaxing and having some ‘you time’ is vital in letting you calm down and let you gather your thoughts together. You don’t need to go and get a massage in order to wind down, sometimes just sitting and watching a movie is just enough to let your thoughts come back to you. Going for a relaxing walk either yourself, with friends or family or your partner is just enough to get through those troubling days. So take a deep breath, relax and know that you have every right to be selfish. 

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