Teenagers Can Use Mobile Apps For Mental Health

Teenagers are turning to mobile phone apps as well as online counselling in order to get the help that they need.

There are thousands of young people struggling with their mental health and many are too scared to seek help which has resulted in them turning to online sources.

According to an article written by The Guardian, “…roughly 123,138 people in the UK downloaded Calm Harm, an NHS-approved app that helps people self-harm less often or not at all, between April 2017 and this month.”

The app was created in 2015 and was created to help those suffering from eating disorders as well as other compulsive disorders.

There are still less than half (37%) of young people not seeking the help that they require but with apps like this, it may help encourage those that are uncomfortable getting help get the help they they deserve.

Other free apps that can be used for to help those that need help for their mental wellbeing include:


Catch It

Mental Health Recovery Guide

Remember that seeing a professional is sometimes all it takes to get better and if you are feeling down or suffering from horrible thoughts, seek help.

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