Teens with Mental Health Issues are Rising in the US

Most teenagers living in the US are suffering from mental health problems and the numbers are increasing each year.

Anxiety and depression are on the rise for young people living in the States and many can see these issues within their peers.

There are other concerns that teenagers are not voicing issues with bullying and any issues that they may have bottled up which has been proven can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.

Although teenagers have reported that pressure to do well in school, look a certain way to be deemed attractive on social media as well as other normal stresses of growing up plays a vital role in mental health, what causes these circumstances have yet to be nailed properly.

Just like the UK, the main problem with this topic is that it is not discussed as often as many would like it to be.

The right education would benefit the young on how to deal with their mental health and who they can speak to whenever they have any doubts about themselves or others around them.

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